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Matches are held on the first Wednesday of each month, at a cost of £2.00 per dog.
Matches start at 8o’clock sharp and consist of four categories, Veteran, Puppy, Yearling and Adult, and are judged in that order.

Winners of Puppy, Yearling and Veteran do not challenge for Best In Match.

Winners of each section are them knocked our of following Matches until we hold our ‘Dog of the Year’ competition, usually on the second Wednesday in December, to award and present rosettes/trophies from the dogs that have won each month throughout the year. We include with this evening mince pies, sausage rolls and goodies, to get us in the festive spirit.

2018 APRIL MATCH–Judge Cindy Ranson (Calvaxar) German Pinschers

JUNIOR HANDLING – Miss A Webb handling Tibetan Terrier, Abelenus Delta Alysia VETERAN – No Veterans entered PUPPY – JOJAVIK CAMORRA, Dobermann Ms T  Tousent/J & V Ingram YEARLING – KOMIDION PRIMA DONNA OF SAMETOVA, Cesky Terrier Mr & Mrs D Burrage ADULT – CHEPAM XIOMARA, Bouvier Des Flandres, Mrs K Brown BEST IN MATCH… Continue Reading

2018 MARCH MATCH–Judge Mrs Mandy Young (Bullyview) Bull Terriers

JUNIOR HANDLER – Miss Enya Smith, Sealyham Terrier VETERAN –  AYMSBURY AKAYSHA, Golden Retriever Miss D Hudson PUPPY – TIVALAKE LET’S MISBEHAVE, N.S.D.T.R. Mr D & Miss T Newson YEARLING – BLACK BUTTON SWEET HEART, Min. Dachshund, Mrs C Thompson BEST IN MATCH ADULT – JOTO ANGELO GENTLE STAR – Lakeland Terrier,  Mrs J Atkin Continue Reading

FEBRUARY 2018 MATCH–Judge Mrs Tilly Thomas (Chartan/Riptide) Gordon Setter/ Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

JUNIOR HANDLER – MISS CICELY COX, handling Lakeland Terrier, Joto Angelo Gentlestar VETERAN – SAMETOVA SWEET SONG OF SAMETOVA, Cesky Terrier. Mr & Mrs D Burrage PUPPY – BEAUJONS VELVET, P.B.G.V. Mr & Mrs S Wood YEARLING – AMAFFREY DA LIE EN ROSE, Miniature Smooth Dachshund, Mrs A Bullis BEST IN MATCH ADULT –   JOTO… Continue Reading

2018 JANUARY MATCH–Judge Jane Morgan (Tytorro) French Bulldogs

JUNIOR HANDLER – MISS FRANKIE GOLDING handling the Pointer, Sharnphilly Louis Vuitton VETERAN – BAKTWINS SUN SEEKER, Norwich Terrier – Mrs Barge & Mrs Hardwicke PUPPY – GUNNERSNEWFS ALL OR NOTHING, Newfoundland – Mr & Mrs D Baldock YEARLING –  SILVERSOCKS SAY YES TO GILSWAY, Miniature Schnauzer – Mrs M Gill ADULT – KALASLANE DEMYAN,… Continue Reading

2017l NOVEMBER MATCH–Judge Mrs Pam Simms (St. Vincent) Golden Retrievers

VETERAN- KOMIDION NIGHT MUSIC OF SAMETOVA, Cesky Terrier.  Mr & Mrs D Burrage PUPPY – JACK GALAXY LOVE STORY, Jack Russell Terrier.  Ms M Lane YEARLING  –  BEAUJONS WHISPER, P.B.G.V., Mr & Mrs S Wood BEST IN MATCH ADULT  –  MARNIMICA SORCERER, Miniature Schnauzer. Ms C Johnson/Mr A Slater     BEST IN MATCH –… Continue Reading

SEPTEMBER MATCH 2017–Judge Claire Lewis (Hernwood) Gordon Setters

VETERAN – No Veterans entered PUPPY – SHASGAV NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BY ASHLEYHEATH, Cesky Terrier. Mr & Mrs D Burrage YEARLING – AMAFFREY LA VIE EN ROSE, Min. Smooth Dachshund. Mrs A Bullis BEST IN MATCH ADULT – TRAPESTONE OUT OF THE BLUE, Flatcoated Retriever. Mr & Mrs B Broadbent     BEST IN MATCH… Continue Reading

2017 August Match Winners Judge Debbie Rainger (Loggerheads) Dogue De Bordeaux

VETERAN – SPRINGSTEIN STARS DELIGHT AT BECKABY, Cocker Spaniel. Mrs D. Driver PUPPY – AYMSBURY ARIADNE, Golden Retriever, Mrs N Hughes YEARLING – . KOMIDION PASSIONATO, Cesky Terrier, Mrs S Fewings ADULT – STOKESHART OCTOPUSSY AT BYLEETON, Beagle, Mrs V Hylton BEST IN MATCH                     BEST… Continue Reading